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Where Do I Even Start? Start With the End in Mind

If decorating is a struggle for you, you’re not alone. Many people get overwhelmed and feel unsure of themselves – but, it all becomes easier and more manageable when you follow a system.

Before you can have a home filled with rooms that wow you, you must focus on what you want. How is each piece of the puzzle going to fit into the whole? Once you understand your goals for your home and each room, it’s easier to address the challenges in front of you.

As Steven Covey writes in “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” the way to begin is to start with the end in mind, habit number two. Think about what you want the outcome to be, as opposed to purchasing odd items of decor such as a piece of furniture, an accessory, or a rug, and seeing what happens from there.

When you start without knowing where you want to go, things go downhill fast. What works time after time is to start with where you want to end up and work backward from there. The counterintuitive part here is that you may start with one piece of furniture or art or a color that you love and build around it. There is a difference between consciously selecting something that you love and using it as the inspiration for the rest of the room and aimlessly selecting something because it strikes you at the moment.

Looking at the process from the perspective of the desired result helps you to focus and think about the look, feel, and function of the room. You must be happy with all three of those criteria in order to declare the project a success in the end.

For assistance with this thought process, go to, download Worksheet #1 (“Focus Step”), and listen to the podcast that walks you through the thinking involved in filling the worksheet out.  Call our Connecticut Decor&You today for more info at 203-405-2123

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Wow DÉCOR - Artwork for Your Floor

When you’re decorating a room, an important element of the design is your artwork. Now, when you think of artwork you are most likely thinking of framed art, photographs, or sculptures that are displayed on your walls or on a table.  Would you be surprised if we told you that artwork can actually be displayed on your floor…in the form of a gorgeous area rug!

If you’ve shopped for a rug for your home recently or even flipped through a decorating magazine lately, you’ve probably noticed that area rugs can really become the focal point of a room. Many times, that is the function of art that is hung on the wall, but we believe you can also create that visual interest on your floor.

The true function of an area rug is to define a space, protect your floor, and create a finished look for a room.  Aesthetically, it can compliment your other furnishings or become the design point from which everything else takes its cue.  When selecting a rug for your home, consider the following tips.

1.      Select the right size and shape. When we work with homeowners to select area rugs we look at all the furnishings that will be in the room and let that serve as a guide.  A rug that is too large will look just as awkward as one that is too small.

2.      Invest in the best area rug you can afford. We always tell our clients that a quality rug can cost as much as a new sofa, and sometimes more. In fact, an area rug can outlast many of your other furnishings and become something you hold on to for decades.

3.      Consider patterns wisely.  Choose a pattern with a different scale than the others that exist in the room.  For example, a large scale patterned rug will compliment window treatments with a small pattern.

4.      Don’t be afraid of color! As mentioned earlier, you can create a focal point with your area rug.  Bold, beautiful colors will help you do that.

5.      You may need to order a custom size.  In most cases, the area rugs we order for  clients are made-to-order.

Need help selecting an area rug or other floor covering? Don’t hesitate to call us at 203-405-2126 to find a Decor&You location near you.  Together, we will find something that you will really love!


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Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

We’ve all been there…standing in the paint store, staring at thousands of tiny little sample cards. How can anyone make a decision with all of these choices? If you feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone.  Some homeowners end up leaving their walls white for years because they’re afraid of making the wrong choice. We are here to demystify paint color selection process.

1.      Look at your existing décor and finishes in your home. Consider what items will definitely be staying in the room and use those as a guide. Also, look at your flooring and cabinets and countertops for kitchens and bathrooms.  If you are starting from scratch, look for inspirational photos of rooms that appeal to you.

2.      What type of mood do you want to set? Soft and cool tones will create a sense of calm while bold and bright hues will bring energy or drama to a space.

3.      Test the color. Paint large poster boards and hang them on the wall. Be sure to pay attention to the finish you’ve selected. Live with them for a few days so you can see how the light changes the color during the day and night hours.

4.      Consider the colors in adjacent rooms.  This doesn’t mean that everything needs to be the same paint shade, but there should be a comfortable flow between the rooms in your home.

5.      Begin in a small space.  A bathroom is a good place to experiment with color choice; there’s less of a time and financial commitment.

Still find it overwhelming? We can help. Color consultations are one of our popular services we provide. We can help you with just one room or your entire home.  Call us today at 203-405-2126 to find a Decor&You location near you and to schedule a consult today.

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Give Different Design Possibilities a Chance

It is necessary to take two concurrent paths to create and complete the room, home, or office that will make you want to say, “Wow! I love my space. It’s everything that I need and want!”

The first path is the logistics sequence. This is where you identify the result you want and consider the options for achieving it.

The second path is good design according to accepted industry standards – this is where you drill down into the design elements, guided by your personal preferences. In our book, “The Styleprint Design System” we guide you through the specifics of these design elements.

As a part of this process we recommend that individuals create three unique plans—three possibilities—for consideration. It’s always nice to say no to something because it validates the things you say yes to, resulting in less buyer’s remorse or thinking, “I should have…” For this to really work though, don’t just select the same old things that you always gravitate toward. Have at least one plan that is out of character for you.

This is a great exercise to stretch your thinking a bit, and sometimes you will find something that is more enticing than you expected when it is paired with other things you are more comfortable with. Remember you do not have to choose it. You’re just giving yourself options as this point.

To learn more about the critical design elements, pick up a copy of “The Styleprint Design System” available for purchase here. Also, be sure to explore our site for additional free resources or give us a call at our Connecticut Decor&You Group at 203-405-2123

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How to Be Completely Satisfied with Your Design Project

One of the greatest concerns people have when undergoing a redecorating project is whether at the end of it they will be happy with the result given the time and resources they’ve invested. It’s your home, and you want it to look, feel, and function based on your personal preferences, not someone else’s. And you don’t want the result to miss the mark.

To avoid being disappointed with the end result, you must take the time to ask yourself questions about your preferences and focus for the room, and you must think about your room in detail. If you are not clear on what you want, your result will be mediocre at best. How could it be any different? It takes time to carefully plan for what you want and to think things through.

When you’ve prepared and done the necessary planning, you will have nothing to worry about. In our book, “The Styleprint Design System” we provide the steps for a successful décor project, by helping you:

  1. Think about your space and imagine what you would like it to be
  1. Analyze your space (what works vs. what doesn’t) from three perspectives:
  • its intended function
  • its physical characteristics
  • your personal preferences
  1. Evaluate principles of good design:
  • light
  • color
  • arrangement within the walls
  • the details
  1. Evaluate options with respect to:
  • investment
  • complexity
  1. Be aware of fear factors and their impact on the project:
  • creating a plan
  • implementing the plan

Be sure to explore our site as well for additional resources and information on our book, “The Styleprint Design System” or give us a call at our Connecticut Decor&You Group at 203-405-2123

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Redecorating Your Home – Where Do You Begin?

You have to limit your choices at some point, or you won’t ever do anything. All you have to do is pick a spot and begin.

It’s simply a matter of selecting a direction. And just because we’re going in one particular direction doesn’t mean there won’t be many choices within that direction. So first, pick a place, and get started creating your space for enjoyment, something that you’re happy with.

When people ask what room to begin decorating in, I usually ask them, “ Where do you spend most of your time?”

First, determine your starting point. Is it a room that you want to decorate, or is it a category that you want to approach first? For example, if you decided to replace the windows in your home, you will want to review your window coverings, or if you are replacing flooring in more than one room, you will want to address that first.

Anywhere you decide to start, the critical thing to remember is that each choice is not totally independent, just the opposite. Each choice will have an effect on all other choices—new choices must be blended into the mix of past choices and will also affect the direction of future selections.

To learn more about what to do once you’ve chosen a starting place, pick up a copy of “ The Styleprint Design System” available for purchase here. Also, be sure to explore our site for additional free resources. For addition information call the Connecticut Decor&You Group at 203-405-2123

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Does a Redecorating Project Make Sense Right Now?

When it comes to decorating, most people get overwhelmed before they even get started. They run wildly from room to room with a dozen paint chips in their hands and wind up getting nowhere but frustrated. Or worse: they go out and start shopping. Paint, couches, and carpets roll in, and then they realize it’s still not looking good…only to quickly find out that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes to complete a project.

Typically, every seven to twelve years, it happens all over again. That’s when people tend to have a change in their lives or get tired of their surroundings. When you buy a new home, you redecorate.

If you have a child, you’re bound to redecorate. You finish the basement … time to decorate. The kids grow up and want a bedroom makeover … you redecorate again. And when the kids go off to college or get married, it’s a good time to take a look around and redo some things. Then, at some point, you think about downsizing because the house is a lot to keep up.

With our Home 2.0 worksheet, you can identify whether tackling a decor project makes sense right now. This one-page document is designed to help you think about your space to determine your level of discomfort with that space and identify, in broad terms, just what it is that’s bugging you so that you can set goals for improvement.

Download our free eBook here and see whether you’re ready to begin a décor project. Be sure to explore our site as well for additional resources and information on our book, “The Styleprint Design System.” For additional question call the Connecticut Decor&You Group at 203-405-2123

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Wallpaper without the Mess or Commitment! xM~���|%

How often have you admired a great wallpaper in your area home, resort or hotel room and then talked yourself out of it for your home because the thought of installation makes you cringe? There’s also the idea of living with it long term.  What if you hate it a year from now?  Decor & You has found a fantastic product that looks and feels like wallpaper that is removable and reusable and installs without glue.  

WallCouture™ by Soicher Marin is a fantastic new product that is just as durable as wallpaper, but is actually a peel and stick fabric that can be used on any smooth or semi-smooth surface.  The fabric will not damage your walls or leave any sticky residue behind and if you want to remove or reposition it, it’s simple to peel off and reapply.

 WallCouture has an archive of over sixty thousand images to choose from plus they can create custom murals, designs and patterns. Custom designs can be created by simply providing two to three colors for inspiration. Or consider a custom life-size recreation of your children’s or your own artwork for a mural. 

If you’ve been considering wallpaper but have been hesitant for one reason or another, this could be a great solution for you.  We encourage you to think beyond the walls.  Consider WallCouture in some of these spaces in your home:

·         On the ceiling

·         Table tops

·         To decorate shelving

·         Doors

·         Inside drawers

·         As framed art

Ready to try it out? Decor&You will work with you to select a WallCouture pattern that will highlight your existing furnishings or we can create a custom mural or design that’s completely unique. We can also handle installation for you.  Get started today by calling Decor&You at 203-405-2126 for more information on WallCouture or for any of your decorating needs.  

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The Secrets to Creating An Outdoor Living Room


There’s a new movement in outdoor living and it’s bringing the indoors outside. When we are inside we like to enjoy the view and the natural light from the outdoors.  But when we are outside, we want to bring the comfort and style from inside our homes to our outdoor spaces.  In recent years,we have worked with many Nation wide homeowners who are looking to create outdoor living rooms.  This is a far cry from a simple weather resistant dining set and umbrella.  Careful thought and planning goes into designing a great outdoor space and we have a few secrets to making it a success.

 Here are the decorating secrets to creating a fantastic outdoor living room:

Focus on designing a functional space with a consistent look.


1.      Your outdoor living room should be as cohesive as your indoor spaces.  This means thinking about how you want to use the space and what type of design aesthetic you envision.  Consider how many people you want to be able to seat for entertaining. What type of environment would you like to create – casual and relaxed or elegant and formal? How will this space work with adjacent areas?

2.      Choose comfortable sofas, sectionals and/or seating in weather resistant fabrics. There are some fantastic options out there from great, slipcovered sectionals to wicker and rattan pieces with cushions. Think about adding ottomans or chaise lounges for maximum comfort.  A professional decorator has access to quality furnishings and knows how to pull them together in ways you might never imagine.

3.     Don’t forget tables.  Again, consider how you want to use your space.  If you’d like to enjoy snacks and cocktails in your outdoor living room, you’ll want a coffee table and side tables.


4.     Accessorize!  No space is complete without accessories.  An outdoor rug is a must to tie your décor together.  Pillows, ottomans, candles, and throws will make your space feel welcoming.  And don’t forget to add some plants and flowers!


5.     Use color and pattern. Feel free to go bolder here than you are comfortable doing indoors.  The outdoor setting will embrace brights in a way that an indoor space cannot.


Are you ready to bring the indoors out and create an outdoor living room? Call 203-405-2126 to find a Decor&You near you and let’s create a space you’ll love for years to come.

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Navigating This Year’s Color Trends.

Navigating This Year’s Color Trends.

Every year, fashion and decorating enthusiasts anxiously await the announcement of the color of the year. The problem is, with multiple reputable sources making predictions, which do you believe?  Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color? Benjamin Moore, industry favorite paint company that’s been around since 1883?  Each group looks at slightly different influences to determine their color choice. For all you color lovers out there, we’ve put together this 2016 color trend guide.

Pantone – Serenity Blue & Rose Quartz


For the first time ever, Pantone selected two colors of the year.  If you close your eyes and imagine a beautiful sunset, you can visualize these two shades melding beautifully together.  Serenity blue is a pale tranquil blue, like the sky on a clear day. Rose Quartz is a nude pink, similar to the gemstone.  

Pantone looks at many influences including fashion, the entertainment industry, art, design, popular travel destinations, and even current lifestyle trends and socio-economic conditions. Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz reflect a blurring of genders seen in fashion and evoke a sense of wellness and peace that we are seeking in our stressful lives.

AkzoNobel – Gold


Gold seems very fitting for an Olympic year doesn’t it? If you aren’t familiar with AkzoNobel, they are a paint and coating company headquartered in Amsterdam. Metallic shades are commonly used as neutrals in today’s decorating as it can create visual interest without taking away from other colors and textures.

AkzoNobel selected gold for its nod to both the past and the future. The firm’s Global Aesthetic Center works with design and color experts around the world who look at technology, art, design, nature, architecture, and even fashion and music before selecting a color of the year.

PPG Pittsburg Paints – Paradise Found

To select PPG’s color of the year, the global paint company has their top 20 color experts from all over the world meet together for 3 days to present and debate their selection. This year, they selected Paradise Found described as a versatile, aloe green.

Paradise Found is said to create a sense of security in today’s unpredictable global and national environment.  This makes perfect sense since this green looks the organic green you would see in military camouflage.

Benjamin Moore - Simply White

Two of the major paint firms in the United States named shades of white for their color of the year, which was quite a departure from the rest of the group.  Out of 3,500 paint colors, the experts at Benjamin Moore selected Simply White. This particular shade was chosen from over 25 other options as it was the most neutral and constant in a variety of light sources.

Benjamin Moore takes months to examine research from industry shows, fashion and architecture seen around the globe.  This year, their team felt white was the standout and selected it for its sense of luxury and comfort.  White is a perfect shade to define space and it will never go out of style.

Sherwin Williams – Alabaster

The understated Alabaster was selected by Sherwin Williams to offer a sense of calm and order.  More of an ivory than a true white, it works well in multiple textures and a combination of matte and glossy finishes.

Sherwin Williams examines influences all over the world as well and felt that Alabaster was the right shade to invite us to unplug from our daily chaos.  

 And there you have it, five different colors from five different experts.  As with any other color trend, we recommend you take your personal favorites into consideration.  You should also look at your entire home before making drastic changes. For an expert color consultation in your  home or office, call 203-405-2126 to find a Decor&You near you.



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