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Wallpaper without the Mess or Commitment! xM~���|%

How often have you admired a great wallpaper in your area home, resort or hotel room and then talked yourself out of it for your home because the thought of installation makes you cringe? There’s also the idea of living with it long term.  What if you hate it a year from now?  Decor & You has found a fantastic product that looks and feels like wallpaper that is removable and reusable and installs without glue.  

WallCouture™ by Soicher Marin is a fantastic new product that is just as durable as wallpaper, but is actually a peel and stick fabric that can be used on any smooth or semi-smooth surface.  The fabric will not damage your walls or leave any sticky residue behind and if you want to remove or reposition it, it’s simple to peel off and reapply.

 WallCouture has an archive of over sixty thousand images to choose from plus they can create custom murals, designs and patterns. Custom designs can be created by simply providing two to three colors for inspiration. Or consider a custom life-size recreation of your children’s or your own artwork for a mural. 

If you’ve been considering wallpaper but have been hesitant for one reason or another, this could be a great solution for you.  We encourage you to think beyond the walls.  Consider WallCouture in some of these spaces in your home:

·         On the ceiling

·         Table tops

·         To decorate shelving

·         Doors

·         Inside drawers

·         As framed art

Ready to try it out? Decor&You will work with you to select a WallCouture pattern that will highlight your existing furnishings or we can create a custom mural or design that’s completely unique. We can also handle installation for you.  Get started today by calling Decor&You at 203-405-2126 for more information on WallCouture or for any of your decorating needs.  

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The Secrets to Creating An Outdoor Living Room


There’s a new movement in outdoor living and it’s bringing the indoors outside. When we are inside we like to enjoy the view and the natural light from the outdoors.  But when we are outside, we want to bring the comfort and style from inside our homes to our outdoor spaces.  In recent years,we have worked with many Nation wide homeowners who are looking to create outdoor living rooms.  This is a far cry from a simple weather resistant dining set and umbrella.  Careful thought and planning goes into designing a great outdoor space and we have a few secrets to making it a success.

 Here are the decorating secrets to creating a fantastic outdoor living room:

Focus on designing a functional space with a consistent look.


1.      Your outdoor living room should be as cohesive as your indoor spaces.  This means thinking about how you want to use the space and what type of design aesthetic you envision.  Consider how many people you want to be able to seat for entertaining. What type of environment would you like to create – casual and relaxed or elegant and formal? How will this space work with adjacent areas?

2.      Choose comfortable sofas, sectionals and/or seating in weather resistant fabrics. There are some fantastic options out there from great, slipcovered sectionals to wicker and rattan pieces with cushions. Think about adding ottomans or chaise lounges for maximum comfort.  A professional decorator has access to quality furnishings and knows how to pull them together in ways you might never imagine.

3.     Don’t forget tables.  Again, consider how you want to use your space.  If you’d like to enjoy snacks and cocktails in your outdoor living room, you’ll want a coffee table and side tables.


4.     Accessorize!  No space is complete without accessories.  An outdoor rug is a must to tie your décor together.  Pillows, ottomans, candles, and throws will make your space feel welcoming.  And don’t forget to add some plants and flowers!


5.     Use color and pattern. Feel free to go bolder here than you are comfortable doing indoors.  The outdoor setting will embrace brights in a way that an indoor space cannot.


Are you ready to bring the indoors out and create an outdoor living room? Call 203-405-2126 to find a Decor&You near you and let’s create a space you’ll love for years to come.

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Navigating This Year’s Color Trends.

Navigating This Year’s Color Trends.

Every year, fashion and decorating enthusiasts anxiously await the announcement of the color of the year. The problem is, with multiple reputable sources making predictions, which do you believe?  Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color? Benjamin Moore, industry favorite paint company that’s been around since 1883?  Each group looks at slightly different influences to determine their color choice. For all you color lovers out there, we’ve put together this 2016 color trend guide.

Pantone – Serenity Blue & Rose Quartz


For the first time ever, Pantone selected two colors of the year.  If you close your eyes and imagine a beautiful sunset, you can visualize these two shades melding beautifully together.  Serenity blue is a pale tranquil blue, like the sky on a clear day. Rose Quartz is a nude pink, similar to the gemstone.  

Pantone looks at many influences including fashion, the entertainment industry, art, design, popular travel destinations, and even current lifestyle trends and socio-economic conditions. Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz reflect a blurring of genders seen in fashion and evoke a sense of wellness and peace that we are seeking in our stressful lives.

AkzoNobel – Gold


Gold seems very fitting for an Olympic year doesn’t it? If you aren’t familiar with AkzoNobel, they are a paint and coating company headquartered in Amsterdam. Metallic shades are commonly used as neutrals in today’s decorating as it can create visual interest without taking away from other colors and textures.

AkzoNobel selected gold for its nod to both the past and the future. The firm’s Global Aesthetic Center works with design and color experts around the world who look at technology, art, design, nature, architecture, and even fashion and music before selecting a color of the year.

PPG Pittsburg Paints – Paradise Found

To select PPG’s color of the year, the global paint company has their top 20 color experts from all over the world meet together for 3 days to present and debate their selection. This year, they selected Paradise Found described as a versatile, aloe green.

Paradise Found is said to create a sense of security in today’s unpredictable global and national environment.  This makes perfect sense since this green looks the organic green you would see in military camouflage.

Benjamin Moore - Simply White

Two of the major paint firms in the United States named shades of white for their color of the year, which was quite a departure from the rest of the group.  Out of 3,500 paint colors, the experts at Benjamin Moore selected Simply White. This particular shade was chosen from over 25 other options as it was the most neutral and constant in a variety of light sources.

Benjamin Moore takes months to examine research from industry shows, fashion and architecture seen around the globe.  This year, their team felt white was the standout and selected it for its sense of luxury and comfort.  White is a perfect shade to define space and it will never go out of style.

Sherwin Williams – Alabaster

The understated Alabaster was selected by Sherwin Williams to offer a sense of calm and order.  More of an ivory than a true white, it works well in multiple textures and a combination of matte and glossy finishes.

Sherwin Williams examines influences all over the world as well and felt that Alabaster was the right shade to invite us to unplug from our daily chaos.  

 And there you have it, five different colors from five different experts.  As with any other color trend, we recommend you take your personal favorites into consideration.  You should also look at your entire home before making drastic changes. For an expert color consultation in your  home or office, call 203-405-2126 to find a Decor&You near you.



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Wow Décor:  Bring Your Home Alive with Texture

We spend a lot of time talking about color and pattern and its importance in decorating a space, but there is another component that is just as critical, and that is texture. Without texture a room can feel flat and visually boring.  Many people equate texture to fabric selection, when it’s actually applicable to the look and feel of any and all surfaces.  When you open your eyes and experience the textures of everything in your home, you can create a fantastic space that has depth, interest and feels alive.

Creating Textural Balance

A room with all smooth textures can feel cold and conversely a space full of rough finishes may feel overdone and cluttered.  The key to success with texture is finding the balance between both.  

Here are few examples of creating great balance:

·      Sleek wood flooring with a fuzzy, high pile rug.  Or you could use an animal hide, though smooth to the touch, has great visual texture.

·      A wood dining table with rattan chairs.

·      A smooth leather sofa complimented with a granite or reclaimed wood table.

Textural Opportunities

Your walls offer a fantastic opportunity to add texture.  You can do this with a paint finish, grass cloth wallpaper, ceramic tile, or even wood.  And don’t forget your ceiling!  A textured wallpaper on a ceiling looks fabulous with a crystal chandelier light.

Consider the lighting in your room, the finish of the fixture and the shadows and shapes that are reflected by it.

Accessories are the most cost effective ways to add texture. Pillows, throws, tablecloths, plants, even drawer and cabinet pulls are great options.

The artwork you choose for your walls should also compliment the other surfaces in your room. Consider metal pieces to add some shine or smoothness or a patterned area rug (yes you can hang it on your wall!) to bring in some visual depth.

This blog is just a taste of what you can do! Feeling inspired and don’t know where to start? Find your local Décor & You decorator and together we will create a space that inspires you and defines your sense of style.

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Finding Your Color Confidence


Neutral tones are the canvas for creating many great interiors and while we love grays and browns, color is what really brings personality and life to a space.  Selecting the colors to enhance your space can seem tricky.  Many people are fearful of selecting the wrong shade or color combinations that may date their décor or not look the way they intended. This is where a professional decorator is a godsend.  They can help uncover the shades that inspire you or invoke the mood you are looking to create in your space.


We’ve put together a few tips to help you start thinking about using color in your home with confidence.  

·       Broaden your definition of neutral colors.  Today, neutrals go beyond beige, cream and gray.  Black and navy can also be considered neutral, as well as metallic.

·       Use Pinterest or Houzz to search for rooms with color that you like.  Once you have created boards or idea books with 10 or more photos you are likely to see some commonalities.  

·       Find one shade that you love and balance it with other textures and neutrals in your room.

·       If you are apprehensive about a bold color, go a few shades lighter in the same color family.

·       Look at your existing artwork for inspiration.

·       Test the color out with accessories or a statement piece such as a side table or dresser.

Ready to give color a try? Our professional decorators work with you to uncover your distinct style with our Styleprint™ Design System. When we design a room for you we bring samples of upholstery, wallpaper, rugs, and paint for you to touch and feel.  When our clients find their color confidence, they are pleasantly surprised by their selections and are thrilled with the results!  To find your local DecorDesigner, simply click here.

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Making the Most of a Small Bedroom

While modern bedrooms embrace open floor plans for large airy abodes, many of us are still working with small spaces that don’t speak kindly to the contemporary trends. But this doesn’t mean you can’t create a stylish and livable space.

Let’s take a look at how to make the most of your small bedroom for a soothing and comforting atmosphere you long to enjoy every night.

Restrict your color palette

One of the easiest ways to enhance your small space is through the use of white and off whites. Think plain and simple especially for walls. Also, consider limiting your wall décor. The goal is to draw the eye to a window where it can explore what’s outside instead of being attracted to the wall itself which creates an inward feeling.

Now, we understand that an all-white theme is not for everyone. Adding your favorite color to the mix is a welcomed addition to your bedroom we just caution in the use of too many bright or bold colors. Think thoughtful accents against a white backdrop to solidify the openness you crave.

Let the light shine in

Or at least minimize them. You want to invite natural light into your space which cannot be accomplished with thick, bulky drapes. Instead, opt for flat panels of soft sheer fabric. Roller blinds are also a good option if kept naturally-inspired.
While you’re considering your window, think about placing one of your most used pieces of furniture under it. Whether it’s your bed or favorite chair, you can create a great place to enjoy the natural light while turning your focus outward instead of being restricted within the confines of your room.

Upgrade your closets

Old closets often create drab looks and feelings. Bring a modern edge to your bedroom while maximizing storage and functionality with customized built-ins that replace your closet space.
This concept is great for keeping your room organized which is very important in any space-restricted area. You will negate the invitation for clutter to gather on the ground or in other dead zones a closet can create.
Complete your look with sleek doors that produce a minimalist finish.

Have a customized bed made

Multi-tasking furniture is necessary in a small room and this includes your bed. Have a customized bed designed to fit perfectly into a corner or under a window to effectively use every inch of the floor while also providing extra storage above, below or to its sides. There are several ways to turn your bed area into desired book shelves, display cases or clothing storage. Try a customized headboard to create shelves or cupboards out of a typically nonfunctional space. Extend this storage space beyond the boundaries of the bed and it can double as a bedside table for subtle lighting and your favorite book. And never neglect under the bed storage which works fabulously for clothes and other personal items that are better tucked away behind closed doors.

Finish with wall mounted and translucent pieces

If you still need extra shelving or lighting, consider wall-mounted fixtures to save on floor space and to relieve the chaotic feeling that can occur when you can’t see the floor.

Finally, try transparent furnishings for any additional chairs or desk space you still need. You will create the illusion that these furniture pieces aren’t even there.

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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Window Treatments

Window treatments may not be the first thing people notice when they walk into a room, but blinds, shades, and draperies are there in the background – or the foreground, depending on your style – doing an important job or two. Whether the role of a room’s window treatments is to create warmth, frame a view, block light, or add color and texture to the decor, they make an enormous difference in ambiance. Have you neglected the window treatments in your home? Maybe it’s because you’re not sure where to start. Here are five ways to spice up your window treatments.

1. Layer, Layer, Layer

Can’t decide on the window treatment you like best? There is relief for the fickle among us.  The layering trend provides the perfect excuse to purchase all the panels, sheers, and blinds you’ve fallen in love with in your hunt for the right window coverings. Display patterned sheers with solid panels. Hang a natural-looking roman shade or neutral honeycomb blind behind panels in a geometric pattern. Mix and match unexpected combos – like stripes and flora’s – and you might just discover a delightfully unique look for your space.

2. Go for Height

No matter how large or small your room is, floor-to-ceiling window treatments can add height and dimension where it was otherwise MIA. The job of window treatments is to shift and enhance a room’s dynamics and mood, and extra long panels can certainly make that happen. Hide the hardware of your panels with an attractive valance for even more visual interest.

3. Embrace the Natural Look

Eco-friendly is always trendy, and your décor can reflect your love for the earth with your use of natural materials in your window treatments. Use a bamboo rod instead of metal. Or choose woven wood shades.

4. Be Bold, but Not Fussy

There’s no need to overdress your windows with swags or jabots or tie-backs just because you think you need to accessorize. A vibrant Roman shade in a bold, large, colorful pattern will speak volumes about your sense of style and décor leanings. If you have a beautiful view to frame, it’s especially wise to keep your window treatments airy, light, and simple.

5. Make Your Window Treatments Do Their Job

You can use window treatments to ground your room. If you have floral wallpaper, ikat floor coverings, or cowhide upholstery, a simple Roman shade can ground your room and allow the eye to rest as it jumps from pattern to pattern.

Window coverings don’t have to break your decorating budget. Window treatments are simple to change, as often as the seasons shift, or your whims.

If you have the creativity and drive to start your own decorating business, we’d like to talk to you about a Décor & You franchise opportunity. Decor&You® has the experience, knowledge, resources, education and ongoing support to help you build a very successful and profitable decorating practice with no experience necessary.

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The holistic view of Wow! Home décor.

Today it’s not only the aesthetic look of your interior spaces- colors, textures and accessories that help deliver a Wow! Look, but also the ability of your home to support your feelings, emotional health and future dreams; delivering a true holistic sense of who you and the other occupants are, and who you are in the process of becoming.

No more simply choosing some colors and a few furnishings from your local retailer and calling it “the design plan”, a holistic home incorporates style, personality, sustainable furnishings, all of which need to roll up into a fashion sense that identifies you as an individual on the move.  Maybe not in the sense of physically moving- but certainly in a sense of emerging into the person or family you want to be.

You might think, décor can do all that?  Yes, and more.  The right space, beginning with sourcing individual elements that honor the environment, your personal ethics and ones that encompass your unique talents can help heal a heart, solidify a relationship and offer a platform for a strong family unit.

Here are three key elements to keep in mind when thinking Holistic Design:

1.      Identify your physical and emotional comfort triggers.  Is it a cozy space in front of a window, or a cubby tucked into your family room?  Do you love natural light or many candles casting a soft glow?

2.     Select some elements that appeal to you.  A good place to start is in your clothes closet.  What five outfits do you reach for time and time again?  Think about why, and include those elements in your design plan.

3.    What are you conscious purchases and what do you stand for on this planet.  Ooh, that’s deep.  Maybe you use recycled paper towels and turn your lights off when not in a room, or you sit on the board of your local environmental charity, are a vegan and make your own soap! Whatever level you commit to – you are participating in sustainability in one way.  Leverage that in your home design, too.

Taking some time to look inward to who you are and who you and your family are becoming is a great start in creating a Wow! holistic look that will serve you well.

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Take Your Bathroom from Simply Functional to Modern Luxury

Your bathroom serves many functions. Many important functions. But modern bathroom trends are upping the ante for a combination of purpose and beauty that is beyond simple utility. Your days of bathing, relaxation and pampering will be full of elegance and style that reflect a comfortable boudoir or inviting living room over a stark bathroom.

Let’s take a look at how to create modern luxury in your bathroom:

Make space

Spacious bathrooms are in style. If you are remodeling and can open up this area, do it. Otherwise there are some techniques you can implement to make your bathroom appear more airy and welcoming. Many designers believe this spacious approach to design promotes both health and mood improvements.
Start by embracing white as a way to reflect light throughout the room. Think white walls, white rugs and white accessories.

Then, learn to love mirrors and glass. They both reflect light instead of absorbing it. Multiple mirrors in unexpected places such as near the floor help to expand the room. You could even consider a full wall mirror to instantly double the visual space. Installing glass shower, closet and vanity doors will also add to the feeling of openness.

For functional accessories, turn to Lucite. This material helps create a simple, uncluttered look achievable with opaque décor.

If you are faced with a bathroom without windows, create the illusion of one. First, add window treatment elements such as curtains and blinds. And yes, I’m referring to hanging them on your empty wall. Since blinds are normally drawn in a bathroom anyways, you don’t have to worry about the view. Complete the faux window with a soft light behind the window treatments for a subtle glow.
Another aspect to consider when dealing with limited or no windows, is the lack of horizontal light normally provided. Install wall fixtures to break up the overhead light that shines vertically straight down. You will create a much more flattering appearance and ambiance.

Create comfort and grace with attractive furniture

Furniture elements create the perfect blend of at-ease luxury. Think elegant chairs and impressive rugs that create a chic style likely to be found in an upscale bedroom.

Look for these types of furnishings to create your idyllic yet stunning bathroom setting:
·        A leather ottoman – it will make its best statement in white.
·        A comfy accent chair – a spacious bathroom needs a more voluptuous chair. Include a foot rest and consider making it stand out with a pleasant accent color or unique embellishments. One-of-a-kind style works well here as you are not looking for a matching set.
·        A sophisticated bench – look for a unique piece to add function and beauty.

Try wood accents for any of the furniture pieces listed above. For example, wooden chair legs will add warmth and comfort to your bathroom.

Pay attention to the details, the gorgeous details

From impressive lighting to elegant fixtures, you don’t want to leave your bathroom “unfinished.” Give careful thought to every detail and accent as you are aiming to create a very personal interior. For instance, if you enjoy a water theme in the bathroom due to its calming qualities and symbolism of good health, let it shine through. Choose a color combination of blues and bring in subtle details that reflect continuous flow and movement.

Add spa features

From a simple bench placed inside your shower to a deluxe shower-sauna combination, a modern bathroom’s spa elements are created with ultimate relaxation in mind.

You do not have to have a large space to install a sauna. Many designers have converted closets and utilized shower space to create a sauna of the perfect size and shape.

This is also the perfect opportunity to consider where a free-standing bath tub should reside.

Embrace your unique style

Modern style embraces the personal. You can be creative pulling in oriental décor, bold Art Deco or retro styles and still have a “modern bathroom.”

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What to know before you decorate.

Planning to decorate? Here’s the process that results in WOW! Décor!

I know, you are thinking a WOW! space just happens, right?   I’ll let you in on an industry secret- beautiful spaces are carefully planned, executed and delivered.  You want a space that will immediately reflect who you are -naturally and effortlessly beautiful.  WOW!


When you are planning to decorate, the key to success is following a Plan to buy and buy to plan process.  This process will reward you with fantastic décor.  You Plan to buy by completing your planning your spaces upfront and you Buy to plan by purchasing items included in that plan overtime as your budget allows.   Without this plan, you may make a mistake, which can come with a big price tag, not to mention lots of disappointment and frustration.   I’m sure you can relate to seeing something amazing, a luscious area rug, an eye-catching piece of art or a yummy comforter and think it would work well in your space.  But if the rug clashes with your sofa, the art is out of scale for your room, or comforter is too hot for your mate, it’s all wrong. This is why having the Plan to buy and buy process is so important.


Here are three critical pieces of the process:

1.       A floor plan.  This includes a solid traffic flow plan, an idea of the size for every design element, which includes furniture and lighting. Without this, you are in big trouble.
2.       An investment plan.  Having an idea of how much you have to invest in your space (and it is an investment- your home is often the biggest purchase you ever make) is crucial.  Beautiful, functional and timeless design comes in all price points.  And remember, you don’t have to do it all at once; you can purchase pieces over time as your budget allows.
3.       A design plan.  Ooooh, did I say “design” and “plan” in one sentence.  Yep.   A design plan starts with the end in mind like Steven Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

How will you use this room?  

a.  As a kid hangout or adult retreat?
b.  Who will use this room?  Elderly parents or your entire extended blended family?
c. Why are you redecorating?  What do you love in the room, what simply must go?
d. What will the finished room feel like if it’s done well?

A WOW! ROOM is obtainable and you deserve to have more than one. Using these tips will get you started on a space that you can truly love.  Enjoy the process!

If you have the creativity and drive to start your own decorating business, we’d like to talk to you about a Décor & You franchise opportunity. Decor&You® has the experience, knowledge, resources, education and ongoing support to help you build a very successful and profitable decorating practice with no experience necessary.

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