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Wow DÉCOR - Artwork for Your Floor

When you’re decorating a room, an important element of the design is your artwork. Now, when you think of artwork you are most likely thinking of framed art, photographs, or sculptures that are displayed on your walls or on a table.  Would you be surprised if we told you that artwork can actually be displayed on your floor…in the form of a gorgeous area rug!

If you’ve shopped for a rug for your home recently or even flipped through a decorating magazine lately, you’ve probably noticed that area rugs can really become the focal point of a room. Many times, that is the function of art that is hung on the wall, but we believe you can also create that visual interest on your floor.

The true function of an area rug is to define a space, protect your floor, and create a finished look for a room.  Aesthetically, it can compliment your other furnishings or become the design point from which everything else takes its cue.  When selecting a rug for your home, consider the following tips.

1.      Select the right size and shape. When we work with homeowners to select area rugs we look at all the furnishings that will be in the room and let that serve as a guide.  A rug that is too large will look just as awkward as one that is too small.

2.      Invest in the best area rug you can afford. We always tell our clients that a quality rug can cost as much as a new sofa, and sometimes more. In fact, an area rug can outlast many of your other furnishings and become something you hold on to for decades.

3.      Consider patterns wisely.  Choose a pattern with a different scale than the others that exist in the room.  For example, a large scale patterned rug will compliment window treatments with a small pattern.

4.      Don’t be afraid of color! As mentioned earlier, you can create a focal point with your area rug.  Bold, beautiful colors will help you do that.

5.      You may need to order a custom size.  In most cases, the area rugs we order for  clients are made-to-order.

Need help selecting an area rug or other floor covering? Don’t hesitate to call us at 203-405-2126 to find a Decor&You location near you.  Together, we will find something that you will really love!


Posted 254 weeks ago